Our Mission

At Innovative Design / Build:
we offer the full range of (Architectural) Design and Construction, Consulting services. INDB was Established in 1996 by its Principal Mr Ahid Ghafoor.

The firm goal is to provide thoughtful, Innovative design solutions combined with precise technical and administrative services.
We offer our client the option of construction management, or Design and Consulting services who will have one steward to command your project who guides all aspects of your project from inception to completion.

The principal of the firm Mr Ahid Ghafoor has design and managed well over 100 projects through out his career, INHD objective is to provide highly skilled professional construction / design service that our industry can offer. INHD we listen extremely well, and maximizes the impact of design excellence.

We believe that it is important to give equal weight to all stages of the project from initial brief to resolution of defects. While our design approach is broadly modernist we are keen not to impose any one particular style on those commissioning a building and believe it is important that the desire of the client are evident in Architecture.

Each project present a unique set of challenges, site and budget , in addition material selection, each of the task within a project is an opportunity to reinforce that idea ,weather working with public or private client this discipline is essential from earliest schematic phase throughout the development of the finish project.

Our practice by engaging in the design of socially conscious, affordable sustainable construction. We have proved that it is possible to create excellent architecture in small town America, areas not known for Innovative design,

The firm is an ardent proponent of environmentalism and believes man should live in harmony with nature: our structure takes advantage of natural forces,

Such as solar energy, build green , We demonstrates that commitment to affordability, sustainability and good planning makes for better communities and better quality of life , with this Intention in mind that the building will perform best its intended purpose by implementing the design which is sustainable, energy efficient set the standards for INNOVATOR.

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